Storage tips for Barth Storage in Kenosha, Wisconsin

Storage Hints and Tips

  • Rent the space you need. Place the items that are often used in front and leave walkways opened
  • Make up an inventory of your items and keep it in a safe place like a safe deposit box
  • Label/number each box with what it contains, also make a list for easy reference
  • Seal your boxes completely with packing tape to keep dust and insects out
  • Place your items on 2 x 4 boards or on pallets to guard against dampness. Any concrete floor may become cold and damp
  • Use uniform boxes to make it easier to stack. Make sure your boxes are strong enough to hold 25 – 30 lbs.
  • CAUTION!! DO NOT store anything that is COMBUSTIBLE (ex. Liquids, Explosives, Flammable liquids, Toxic materials and Perishables)
  • Stack heavier boxes on the bottom and lighter boxes on the top
  • Pictures/mirrors/dishes/glasses should be wrapped in paper and marked “FRAGILE” on the outside
  • Larger appliances and furniture can be utilized as extra storage places
  • Tables that have removable legs should be broken down to save space
  • Sofas and love seats should be stored on end to save storage space and covered with blankets to keep dust off
  • Use an empty trash can to store shovels/rakes and hoses
  • Place TV’s and other electronics in the rear of your unit
  • Stand the mattress up on end when storing to prevent from becoming bumpy and bending out of shape
  • Avoid placing sharp objects on top of upholstered furniture
Helpful storage team at Barth Storage in Kenosha, Wisconsin